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Trump’s Victory Concession Speech

By Samuel Chiu  October 08, 2016

Editor's Note: The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not reflect the view or endorsement of Stanford University.

I am a business man, a great business man. I build companies and I create jobs and I always win. Nonetheless, I am giving a victory concession speech, the first of its kind ever. My announcement to abandon the presidential race may surprise you, but I have always known what I wanted to do. I know you will agree with me that I have made a huge impact towards keeping America great and making it better, after you listen to my speech.

I set out to conduct a great social experiment on the day I announced my entry into the presidential race. I have told no one about this experiment until now. I want you to hear it directly from me. I have spent tens of millions to carry out this social experiment; together with donations from millions of you. As I have expressed all along, this country’s political system is totally broken: just look at the racial divide, budget deficit, unfair tax code, dismal health care system, threats from terrorism... I can go on and on. THIS is the result of the worst partisan politics in the history of this country. The political leaders of both parties in Washington are totally corrupted.

Nothing gets done in Washington because the politicians do not put the country first. They just want to get re-elected, again, again and again. They don’t care about the country. They just like the perks, and they don't have the skills to do anything else. That's why they've engineered an escape chute – the ever-revolving door from government to business and back again. Corrupted politicians make deals while they are in power in return for a cushy “retirement package” from their corporate bedfellows. They put their own interests first, then party loyalty and finally, if it suits their agenda, the welfare of the country. Corrupted, corrupted, corrupted. Of course, some of them are nice people too

I am too rich and too powerful to be corrupted. I don't need to become president to be a star. I have a great life and a beautiful wife already. Now, let me get down to specifics. And yes, Hillary, you can fact check me.

I have been acting like a maniac, on purpose. I surprised many people who knew me well by engineering this crazy ride. I created a persona that is not me. I am not a racist, sexist, rightwing nut, or worse. Paul Ryan called my words the textbook definition of a racist comment—and yet, he endorsed me. Ted Cruz asked people to vote their conscience at the GOP convention—and then turned around and announced his support. I made Rubio look like a little kid—and yet he supports me. Weak!

Bernie runs a great grass-root campaign as I have. I care about the neglected little guys - I give them a voice like Bernie did. Yet, he turned around and supported Hillary. My supporters never participated in the political process because politicians don't care about them. Their concerns are not sexy; they are the disenfranchised, the underdogs and the less educated. We need to listen to them and give them a voice.

Hillary is not that bad—but she wants it too much. She feels entitled to the office – “It is MY TURN”. Power, that’s what she wants. She is just so greedy.
She does not need the money from all these big banks. She could have easily established her worth by charging the fees and then donating the money to charity. But she's greedy. So she Denied, Deflected, Misled until she was caught and then she skillfully Apologized Selectively. This is a politician’s D-D-MAS. It's not just Hillary who does this, either. God knows how many politicians use this strategy. I copied the politician’s D-D-MAS. In fact, I perfected the art of extreme D-D-MAS. Everyone tried to fact check me, but I didn't care - I was doing my social experiment.

Who said this: My top political priority over the next two years should be to deny President Obama a second term. I can’t even make this up. They do not want to serve this country. They want to destroy the other party. Washington is in a total gridlock. Compromise is a dirty word nowadays. Reagan got things done by compromising. That's what democracy should be. Not this, where Harry Reid is happy about Scalia's tragic death because it "happened at a good time".

Let’s talk policy. Health care first. Is health care a right or a privilege? If it is not a right, we should turn away people from an emergency room if they do not have money or insurance coverage. If it is a right, we need to provide universal coverage – oh, what a dirty word it is. It is not a socialist word, it is a word of compassion. We are such hypocrites. We never turn away anyone at an emergency room, but we reject universal health care. If we want to cover everyone, universal coverage eliminates unnecessary emergency room visits through regular preventive care. It is a no brainer. Emergency room expenses are hidden while universal care cost is transparent. If you do not pay while you are young, you pay more when you are older. There is NO free lunch. Why can’t politicians be honest? Mr. Obama: cost will go up if we cover everyone, particularly those who are uninsured now. Speaker Ryan: is health care a right or a privilege? Let’s tell it like it is.

Gun control. Selling guns to people on the no-fly list? You have to be kidding me. Buying automatic assault rifles with high capacity magazine? No, we will not take away the Second Amendment, nor should we. We want to be sensible. Corrupted Washington, unlimited corporate campaign contributions and anonymous donors and intimidating lobbying tactics. Give me a break. We need to get rid of the Citizen United decision.

Racial tension. All lives matter. Black lives matter movement does not mean other lives do not matter. It is about the need for racial harmony and understanding. Police is here to serve and protect and the majority are doing a great job. There are also bad apples. No one should demonize the people in blue, nor should we ignore the need for sensitivity training. There is no simple black and white answer (pun intended). It is a vicious cycle: not respecting police officers leads to biases, which leads to resentment and more confrontation – the cycle repeats and it escalates. Why can’t we all get along and work together. Many politicians do not have the guts to speak the middle ground.

Climate change. Bringing a snowball to the senate floor to PROVE that there is no global warming. Give me a break and get real. Listen up, this childish act is not from a nobody, it is from the chair of the Senate Environment Committee, Mr. Jim Inhofe. I can’t even make this up. Let’s listen to the scientific community.

I don’t even have to talk about banking and the Wells Fargo scandal. The people on top got away with millions of dollars even when they step down after the scandal. There is no accountability. It is the little people, more than 5000 of them, who got canned. Give me a break, the top compliance officer did not get fired. Carrie Tolstedt, the executive in charge of scandalous unit got more than $120 Million as a retirement package while the internal investigation was going on. She should have gone to jail.

Do I need to go on? We have to protect the little people, the neglected segment of the community – not the big banks, not the lobbyists, not the campaign donors.

I entered the race to carry out a social experiment to expose this corrupted system. Let’s fix it. To all the experts and pundits, do your homework and don’t be the mouthpiece of the powerful. You people do not know what you are doing. To all the politicians, wake up and do your job. In the mean time, I will go back to creating jobs and to living the American dream.

Thank you, America. It has been a great honor to be the recipient of your support.